Construction update… nearly there!

The countdown is on. We had our brewhouse delivered today from HDP and it’s being inspected tomorrow by the Canada Revenue Agency, who need to be sure we have our tanks correctly calibrated so we can report on quantities produced. Once that’s done, we’re finishing up our construction and then waiting for the CRA and AGCO to issue our licences: excise, manufacturer, retail and by-the-glass (for our tasting room). Fingers crossed, this should take about a month.

The brewery is a constant hive of activity. In the last few weeks we’ve had our boiler installed and piped, glycol lines run, kegs delivered and tasting room floors repaired and epoxied. We’ve put up the glass between the tasting room and brewery (and scraped off all the frosting from its former use), framed in the bar, put up the bathroom walls and ceiling, had our logo painted on the wall over the bar; had our walk-in refrigeration installed, received glassware and coasters, put in our first bottle order, and taken care of countless other things. The to-do list never seems to get smaller. It’s a fun, exciting, nerve-wracking time.

Our construction is on track to be finished in time for a late fall opening (it’s not winter till December 22!). Then we just need our licences and most importantly, our beer. Like you, we have to be patient — cause it’s just a matter of time…

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