Can I bring my dog?

Update September 4, 2019:

We’ve discovered that Ontario’s Food Safety and Quality Act defines “food” as food and beverages – except liquor as defined in the Liquor Act. In that act, liquor is defined as wine, spirits and beer. We take this to mean that if we stop serving/selling/displaying actual food, there’s no legal reason why dogs can’t be onsite. We’re currently allowing dogs back in, on a day by day basis. You can bring in your own food from restaurants or home, or have it delivered. Find out more about dogs onsite here.

Update August 8, 2019:

This afternoon Durham Region Health informed us that even serving/selling just beer – no food – makes us a Food Premise, and therefore having any dogs onsite puts us in contravention of Ontario law and we can face fines.

We’re sorry to have to ask you to not bring your dog onsite until further notice while we try to get to the bottom of this and clear up what we feel must be a misinterpretation of the law. (Service dogs are still welcome.)

We appreciate all the support you’ve all shown us so far. We’ve taken it as far as we can with Durham Region Health, so please bear with us while we explore other options.

Joanne, Rob & Sadie


Yes! Our tasting room and beer garden are a great place to socialize your pup while you enjoy a beer. Owners must keep their dogs under control at all times and pick up after them. We have a comfy dog bed and a few toys, plus water bowls indoors and out.

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