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  • Märzen | 5.5% alc./vol. seasonal The Book Drunkard Literary Festival captures the wonderment of the written word and praises its ability to intoxicate, transport and transform. What better way to celebrate than with the traditional beer of Germany’s Oktoberfest? Pouring a clear pale amber, The Book Drunkard märzen is an exceptionally smooth, medium-bodied lager. An aroma of fresh-baked bread draws you into the sip, where rich malt flavour is gently balanced by spicy/floral noble hops. Ein prosit!
  • Double IPA | 8.5% alc./vol. seasonal Brewed with 100% Uxbridge hops grown by 6th Hops, Fat Bike is no lightweight beer, but it’s a revelation: a light body with intense citrusy hoppiness makes Fat Bike as refreshing as an 8.5% ABV beer can be. Pairs with carne asada, paella, key lime pie.
  • Saison | 5.0% alc./vol. seasonal Let the grass grow. When we launched High Grass, it became an instant classic in our beer garden, the perfect companion to a sunny day. Brewed with all-natural lemongrass and whole ginger root sliced by hand in our Uxbridge brewery, High Grass brims with freshness and palate-pleasing flavour. Pairs with spring rolls, Thai curry, young brie, mango salsa.
  • Porter | 5.5% alc./vol. A deep roast character with loads of dark chocolate and espresso flavour make Rain Maker a rich indulgence. But its alter ego is a playful pal to all things barbecue with a refreshing, brisk edge and a dry, never-cloying finish. Rain Maker soothes on blustery days but is at home on every summer dinner table. Pairs with grilled meats, cured ham, steak, dark chocolate.
  • IPA | 6% alc./vol. year-round Bright aroma, rich golden colour and bracing bitterness define 3 Rocks. The key to its drinkability is in the balance of American hops (citrusy Summit, floral Cascade and piney Chinook) and classic Canadian 2-row barley malt, with just enough specialty malts to add fullness and depth of flavour. American ale yeast ferments clean and provides a dry finish. Pairs with wood-fired pizza, hot wings, Italian sausage pasta.
  • Blonde Ale | 4.5% alc./vol. Easy-drinking blonde ale is known for clear, clean flavours and special attention to high quality malt. German Pilsner malt shines in our beer, providing a bready, biscuity aroma and rich mouthfeel for such a light-bodied, low alcohol beer. Accentuated with citrusy/floral Cascade, Herkules & Saphir hops – just a little more than your everyday blonde’s hop bill, to add some edginess. Pairs with aged cheddar, sushi, classic chicken salad.
  • Scottish-Style Ale | 4.8% alc./vol. This smooth amber-coloured ale is inspired by Scotland’s 80/- (80 shilling) beer style, priced according to its strength. The star of Monday Night Piper is its deluxe malt bill – best pale malt from England, and caramel and chocolate malts from Germany, add sweetness, rich colour and a tantalizing sponge-toffee flavour, all before finishing dry. Pairs with roast duck, lamb pie, dried fruit and nuts.